“Best service, best food. If you like eggs you should surely give it a try. Very friendly staff.” – Walter David

“A cafe that specialises in eggs! Never had I imagined such a place. I have been there, had three dishes and enjoyed them all. The staff are friendly and efficient which was a relief as a couple of the restaurants nearby have either unfriendly staff or owners that don’t seem to care about their customers . I enjoyed the clean relaxed atmosphere and will go back for more.” – Jonathan Booth

“A vegetarian restaurant is going to have to excel to impress a confirmed meat eater like myself, and Eggs & More definitely did. We had the Masala Papad to start which was delicious. Sunday crunch, Australian Fry, Egg Malai Tikka Masala, Butter Egg Curry and Scotch Eggs. They were all excellent. It was so nice to have flavor some curries made with fresh ingredients and no added coloring. The service was quick and friendly, and the venue is clean and light. I was also very happy to see that free range was an option too. We will definitely be going back.”                  – Auckland Food Tours

∴ “Finally something different to tingle the taste of Auckland. Scrumptious eggs. You just can’t go wrong with the variety here. Highly recommend this one. Thumbs up!!!”      – Akhansha Mehra Haridasani

∴ “I never thought one could do so much with eggs. Some really unique egg dishes to try. I absolutely loved the Green Garlic Kheema. The service is very quick and everyone is very friendly. Thank you guys” – Shashank Tamgadge

∴ “Yummmyy…Awesome food, best service. Loads of dishes to try…will be going again. I have tried Egg Manchurian, Egg fried rice, Scotch Egg and Egg Hakka Noodles. All were good.”      – Samaya Shree

∴ “Excellent Food Stuff……Everybody Should Try it……” – Piyush Rathod

∴ “I would definitely recommend Eggs and more everyone to get good for any occasion it’s simply so tasty and amazing…. ”  – Tim

∴ “Awesome food, Friendly Staff..” – Gunjan Trivedi


∴ “Food and Service was very nice…. My family and Friends had a wonderful time I would definitely recommend Eggs and more for nice family evening out or an occasion…. ”  – Paul